Executive Team

Mike Kurm

President & CEO

“They say life is tough at the top”, but when you surround yourself with terrific people, loyal clients, artists, and a growing industry …it’s not so. We help clients with products and solutions that allow them to merchandise food safely! Mike’s background started from humble beginnings working in a family restaurant from age 9 through High School. He became a gentleman carpenter and home builder, then on to Drexel University for Mechanical Engineering. After a short stint at a Fortune 500 Energy provider he then spent 18 years as food service equipment manufacturer’s rep, selling products designed by others. His own ingenuity and keen eye for seeing better ways to make things work, gave rise to his entrepreneurial spirit and now as motivator in chief, Mike and team produce solutions to help sell food with unique leading edge operational efficiencies and a strong emphasis on safety and client ROI. Mike knows that in order for a solution to work it’s got to be easy on the set up crew and store associates, then, it’s got to meet the selling goals of the food suppliers. He has a flare for designing simple solutions for an array of high tech food service issues…such as food safety, employee training, quantity control, and flavor merchandising…that’s where form meets function… a commitment that means our products will always conform to the highest standard of quality and performance.

Jared Hoch

Chief Operating Officer

Jared, oversees the sales, marketing and manufacturing divisions for Spirit. He has over 10 year's experience as an executive level strategic and business develop leader in the Ad Specialty and Apparel industries. He was recently featured in an award winning apparel magazine as one of the most influential people in the industry ranking at number 39 of the “Power 75” industry executives. Beyond the 100’s of mutually beneficial strategic partnerships he has forged over his tenure, he continues to create unique ways to build more valuable partners. He firmly believes that manufacturers, distributors and customers can all work together to create relationships that are beneficial to each party and strives to bring dedicated win/win programs to fruition.

While Jared excels in the business world it is a little known fact that he was a top ranked BMX bicycle racer starting at the age of 3 years old. He went on to achieve nicest smile in high school and graduated from Penn State University with a Psychology degree. While those days came to a close a long time ago he now enjoys hitting the links and spending time with his wife and his beloved dogs at the beach.