Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you only make signs?
A: Nope, we make a lot more than just signs! We also make
Sneeze Guards, Roller Grill Dividers, Food-Safe/Health Products, Custom Signage and so much more!! Search our: "SHOP BY CATEGORY" or "ALL PRODUCTS" to see other products we make.

Q: What is your normal lead time?
A: Our normal lead time is 2-3 weeks. Please be patient! Our products are custom made just for you.

Q: How does the proofing and custom art process work?
A: The proofing and custom art process starts with a detailed list of flavors, brands, and discussion about your goals and the perfect "look" you desire. From there, our design team will research the your brand and design options for you. You will then review our proposals and either request changes or approve your favorite design(s). We start producing your custom products thereafter. Our in-house design team keeps this inexpensive for you -- only $150 for this custom artwork process, which will subsequently generate increased revenue far beyond your initial investment.

Please Note:

You are always free to provide your own designs. We charge a fee of $50 to incorporate your artwork into our merchandising platforms (a small price to pay considering our products essentially pay for themselves many times over!)

The Custom Art Cycle:

Q: What if I want generic art?
A: We do offer generic artwork for you to choose. Please speak to a sales representative for more information, we are happy to help!

Q: Is there a minimum store requirement to work together?
A: Nope! We work with customers of all sizes, ranging from global retailers to mom-and-pop shops! We do, however, require a minimum order of $500 if you have five or fewer store locations. Our smaller customers are always welcome to utilize our generic artwork for free. Please speak to a sales representative for more information.

Q: Do you offer Reseller/Distributor discounts?
A: Yes! We work with the top distributors in the industry. All resellers get a 10% discount and must sign our Reseller's Agreement.

To hear more about reseller/distributor discounts contact us:
sales@foodsignpros.com - 484-472-7906

Q: Do you discount by volume?
A: Our volume discount starts at 500 units. Please speak to a sales representative for more information.

Q: Do you provide samples with custom artwork?
A: No, sorry. But we provide generic samples for your review!