Dog Catcher® Separator, with 2 Bat Clips (16")

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The Dog Catcher® Separator's multi-function design offers POS, product separation, and eliminates "product walking". They ensure uncooked products do not touch and contaminate ready-to-serve products. They also keep the grill looking neat and organized, which will pay off with better merchandising and increased sales. Each Dog Catcher® Separator comes fully assembled with 1 separator bar and 2 BatClip® Utility Fasteners. They offer built-in flavor sign accommodation slots designed to hold many types of POS for better flavor and price management.
The DC16 is 16" and will fit 30 or 50 count grills. There is no Nib on the BatClip™ Utility Fastener so they are compatible with all grills EXCEPT ROLLER GRILLS BY STAR MANUFACTURING INTERNATIONAL, INC.
Short Description
Short Description Dog Catchers 16" without Nib.
Features Never touches roller surface. POS Ready. Durable.

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