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The AirShield™
The Invisible Food Protector

Protection without sacrificing sensory appeal! Our patent-pending buffet and sneeze-guard air curtain---the AirShield™--- prevents contamination from airborne hazards while your food is on display. If you don't take our word for it, ask the FDA!

The FDA explicitly recognizes air curtains as an effective way to protect food from airborne hazards. According to the FDA, airborne hazards, such as "microbes," often "originate from people" and travel "considerable distances on air currents." Food Code ¶ 3-306.11, Annex 3. For this reason, the FDA requires display foods to be protected from airborne hazards by sufficiently "effective means." Food Code 3-306.11.

The FDA explicitly states that "air curtains" do effectively protect against airborne hazards. See, e.g., Food Code ¶ 6-202.15(D)(2) (including hazards as large as "flying insects"). Therefore, the FDA holds that our buffet and sneeze-guard air curtain---the AirShield™---does effectively protect your food against airborne hazards.

Beyond that, the AirShield™ benefits both your wallet and the world. Food that becomes contaminated must be thrown away. See, e.g., Food Code ¶ 3.307.11(A)-(D). The AirShield™reduces the amount of food that becomes contaminated. Therefore, the AirShield™ reduces the amount of food that you must throw away. This is good for both the world and your wallet!

In summary, how does this product help you?

Safety and profits! The AirShield™ protects your roller-grill from airborne hazards while promoting the sales-increasing aroma of your favorite roller-grill, buffet and other food products! This lateral protection offers what makes roller grills so profitable: the sensory stimulation and aroma of perfectly cooked, rotating, glistening food.

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