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FoodSignPros NEWEST Invention!

FDA Listed Materials, Patent-Pending and Six Food Applications. Save your foodservice are
a today!

The Next Generation Of Food Safety

The AirShield prevents airborne contaminants from passing through the otherwise unprotected sides of sneeze guards while still allowing full access to food within. It can be retrofitted on any preexisting food shield or sneeze guard. For best results, pair your AirShields with FoodSignPros' award-winning food shields and sneeze guards.

Proven Technology; New Application

The AirShield is comprising of continuously blown air that creates a "shield" in front of the otherwise unprotected sides of your sneeze guard(s). This "shield" of air diverts airborne hazards away from your display food. The protection is nonstop and dependable in all areas, both before, during and after a customer accesses your food or high traffic zones. Customers can easily reach straight through the "shield" of blown air to access the food within, while airborne hazards cannot.

Benefit Your Wallet and the World
The AirShield will help attract more customers by circulating the alluring smells and aromas of your display food. This will increase impulse purchases and boost total revenue!

Display food that becomes contaminated must be thrown away. See, e.g., Food Code
3.307.11(A)-(D). By preventing airborne hazards from contacting your display foods, the AirShield reduces the amount of food that becomes contaminated. Which reduces the amount of food that you must throw away.

The AirShield's ability to elevate both safety and revenue is what makes it so unique in this post-pandemic world!

Protect and Shield From COVID-19

The AirShield helps protect from the respiratory droplets of this year's pandemic.
The FDA explicitly recognizes air curtains-such as the AirShield- as an effective way to protect food from airborne hazards.

According to the FDA, airborne hazards, such as "microbes," often "originate from people" and travel "considerable distances on air currents." Food Code ¶ 3-306.11,
Annex 3. For this reason, the FDA requires display foods to be protected from airborne hazards by sufficiently "effective means." Food Code 3-306.11.
See, e.g., Food Code ¶ 6-202.15(D)(2) (including hazards as large as "flying insects"). This will satisfy the concerns of even your most germ-sensitive customers.

This pandemic has hit self-service food operations particularly hard. Operators are losing money. Employees are losing their jobs. Customers are losing their freedom to enjoy their favorite foods.

The AirShield is helping food retailers open their self-service operations ahead of time and before their competition.

Multiple Applications; Same Great Protection

AirShield works in just about any foodservice or heavy traffic area, and custom solutions are always available.

Some, but not all, of the AirShield's applications include:
Self-Service Food Operation, Buffets, Salad Bars, Grocery Stores, Roller Grills, Catering, Made-to-Order Form Operations, Drive Thrus, Offices, Cafeterias, Schools, Hospitals, Cashier Stations, Food Prep Areas and many more!

Cutting-Edge Protection Is Easy to Install and Maintain

Can be retrofitted on any preexisting food shield or sneezeguard. For best results, pair your AirShield
with FoodSignPros' award-winning food shield and sneezeguards.

Equipping your operation with revenue-boosting AirShields can be broken down into three easy steps. Please provide the dimensions of your preexisting shields or service area that you wish to protect.

1. Secure the AirShield to your preexisting food shield-we will provide detailed instructions
2. Connect your AirShield to any three-prong power outlet
Enjoy the benefit of increased safety and consumer confidence

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The AirShield AirShield
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